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I am no longer on LiveJournal personally and otherwise. I now use Dreamwidth and will be posting things there from now on. I have created a new community there called [community profile] ghostsighs. You can click that link to visit and subscribe with your DW account or OpenID account. Alternatively, you can add the syndication feed here on LJ, ghostsighs.


ideas, ideas.

I know it has been a while. I've been busy with school and other such things. I'm wanting to make a few new mixes for the community (since my graphic muse is non-existent), so I thought I would ask for requests.

Post one or a hundred ideas to base a mix on. It can be 'songs that include the word blue' or 'soundtrack to a quiet evening at home.' Anything at all. Be as creative or as cliche as you want. I'll pick ones that inspire me and begin to work on bringing them to life. I'll even thank you in the post for coming up with the idea. :)

Request away!!