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photography mood theme
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  1. Download the zip file, extract it to your hard drive with 7-Zip or other similar program, and upload the images to your personal web space. Photobucket is recommended.
  2. Open the Admin Console and paste the following into the text box:
    moodtheme_create "Photography" "made by"

  3. After you hit the "execute" button, you will receive a success message along with a number. Write this number down.
  4. Open the !code.txt file in Notepad or other similar program and use the Find & Replace feature to change ##### to the number you wrote down.
  5. Next, change all the to the URL where your images are stored. (This is the part of the URL before the file name.)
  6. Take the code and paste it into the text box at the Admin Console, then click 'Execute'.
  7. Go to the Mood Theme Editor and click 'Use' by your newly installed mood theme.
  8. Enjoy your new mood theme!

This is the file mentioned above that you will need to download to install your mood theme. I have also included the other files within the zip file separate in case they are needed. Individual credits for all images used in this mood theme are in the readme file.

   » (1mb)
   » !code.txt (10kb)
   » !readme.txt (9kb)

Watch the community for updates.
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Resources, if you need them.
Comments and credit are appreciated.
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